�Goodbye Dear School�

���������� ���������� Time, what we call our leader has swing another magic stick upon us. We all are chosen, to be away from the school. Now, the school time is over and the class 8 9 10 seems to be too old. The school time is over means to say, we are off the shore, and everyone else is waving hand for us, and we hope the same from you. We spent our 13 years in glory, which means we have no regrets on what we did not do. We are happy to be away and perhaps a lot more sad �coz 13 yrs love is hard to find anywhere else. Sometimes I just wake up, pack my books in my bag, be ready for school and am off, but later I notice that the school is over for me�.. Those sense, those profound memories are always here in our heart and mind, we can never forget them for they are a part of us. We express our greatest gratitude for caring and shaping us to form the person we are. Thank You, dear school, u made us so wise, thank you dear parents, u made us so big, and thank you dear friends, �coz u made us so strong. Hence, time wants us to move forward and see what the rest of the life is like. So, everyone is off now�


���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� ���������� BEST OF LUCK�..


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